How this works:

This is a reverse of the usual Big Bang challenge.

Each artist wishing to participate creates a piece of Original Art based on the pairing 00Q (James Bond/Q) from the films, Skyfall and SPRECTRE.

The artwork is then posted anonymously, which is to be claimed by an author. The artwork will be available a few days earlier (via email) as a preview for writers to decide which artworks they would like to write for.

Amendment 16/8/15:  Along with the picture, the artist will include a brief description, what type of partnership they want, and will list any limitations that they have for a story based on their artwork (e.g. maximum rating, unacceptable triggers, etc.)  By choosing their artwork, a writer is selecting them as a partner and needs to respect their wishes.

Claiming is done on a first come, first served basis on Google Drive (you do not need an account). The link to the claiming page will be up during the claiming period. Reply to the comment on the drawing you would like to claim. Instructions for claiming will be sent to writer participants in advance during the preview period for art.

Each writer may only claim once, multiple claims on a prompt is not allowed.

Amendment 13/10/15  Writers unable to participate in the claiming live rounds will be permitted to submit a prioritized list of requested prompts via email.  Pictures that were claimed in the live rounds may become available to be selected a second time during the email round.  It does not matter in which order the email requests are received and instead the pictures will be assigned based upon the writer’s prioritized list of their top three choices.  More detailed instructions will be received by the registered writers via email.

Artists, please do not post your artwork after claiming period, as the artworks will not be made public during claiming period (everyone involved will be sent an email with the prompts as preview). Please only post your artwork during the posting period scheduled in January.

The writer then writes a fanfic based on the artwork. A minimum of 5,000 words is required. There is no maximum word count, but stories must be completed by the deadline on the schedule.

Artists may create more than one prompt, but only if the first prompt is finished by the date of Artist Check-In.

Artists may create more than one artwork for each prompt after claiming if they choose to.

Writers may not claim multiple prompts and may not write more than one story. Writers who are also Artists participating in the challenge, cannot claim their own art.

Kindly please take the time to read the Schedule, Posting, and the Artist and Writer Rules.

The Partnership Models:

“You were expecting an exploding pen? We don’t really go in for that anymore.”

·      This is the Exploding Pen partnership and is the lone wolf scenario. The artist completes the art piece and the writer will complete the story with little input from the artist. There still needs to be some communication regarding posting, but overall you both work on your own.

“Every now and then, a trigger has to be pulled.”

·      This is the Walther PPK collaboration. There is more communication between artist and writer during the project period. The writer might exchange plot ideas, storyboards, or have the artist read the work as it’s being written. The artist might be inspired by the WIP (Work In Progress) to create additional art for the story.

“Latest thing from Q-Branch, it’s called a radio.”

·      This is the Q-Branch Radio partnership and it is an equal partnership, with writers and artists in cahoots during the project period. The writer and artist would communicate regularly to develop the resulting story or discuss the creation of additional art for the work. The writer would encourage artist input and ideas in regards to plotting, and the overall tone of the work. This would be the most difficult partnership for most writers to get behind. Writing is very personal, but an artist interested in this kind of partnership, should feel free to put that down with their art prompt. There may be a few writers in the bunch open to this type of cooperation.

00Q Reverse Big Bang 2020-2021 Schedule:

Saturday, August 1, 2020: Artist and Writer Sign-Ups Open

Tuesday, September 1, 2020: Artist Sign-Ups Close

Wednesday, September 16, 2020: Artist Check-in/Early Bird Art Submissions Due

Thursday, October 1, 2020: Writer sign-ups close

Saturday, October 3, 2020: Art Submissions Due

Wednesday, October 7, 2020: Art posts go up for writers to preview

Saturday, October 10, 2020: Claims Open

Wednesday, October 14, 2020: The Big Reveal

Sunday-Saturday, November 15-21, 2020: Writers Check-in

Sunday-Saturday, December 13-19, 2020: 2nd Writers Check-in

Wednesday, January 20, 2021: Writer Stories Due

Sunday-Saturday, January 24-30, 2021: Posting Period

The Big Reveal is when Artists find out who the Writer is that successfully claimed their prompt and when Writers are introduced to their Artist. The 00Q RBB is an anonymous challenge, so during claiming Artists will not have access to the claiming document.

Rules for Artists:

Each submission should be at least one (1) piece of new original art or original photography, and it must be completed. (You may still add to, and make changes to your work after claims, but an author should be able to use it as a prompt, as it is. You may also create Chapter breaks, PDFs, Chapter headers etc for your writer after claiming.).

Your art may NOT have been posted anywhere else previous to this challenge.

Minimum requirements: 500x500px for 2-dimensional art. 30 seconds for video submissions.

Amendment 16/8/15:  In addition to the artwork, artists should include a brief description of their idea, the acceptable type(s) of partnerships, and any limitations that they have (maximum rating, unacceptable trigger warnings, etc.) for a story based on their artwork.  Include anything that is a true “deal-breaker” for you, but realize that the more restrictions that you place, the harder it may be to find a compatible writer.

Amendment 8/6/18:

Original Photography will be accepted from artists. Only original photographs taken by the artist are allowed. Artists can also manipulate their original photographs to make mood boards, combine more than one image, or submit just one image to tell a story to inspire participating Writers.

A great example is the above art photography by @boffin1710

Note: No photographs culled from the web by other photographers are allowed.

Artists may submit more than one pieces of art for this challenge only if they make the Early Bird Deadline with one of them being at least 80% done.

This challenge is 00Q-centric. However, side pairings are allowed. Crossovers are discouraged, but AUs with Skyfall and Spectre characters are allowed and encouraged. If you really would like to draw a crossover, please make sure that 00Q is the main focus of the drawing, and be aware that some writers may not know about the crossover series.

Amendment 6/19/17: Artists are allowed to also sign-up as writers, and vice versa.

Rules for the Writers:

Writers must write a fic with a minimum of 5,000 words, based on the art they choose during the Art Claims. Claims will be on a first come, first served basis. Your fic must be related to the art for which it is written, and it cannot have been already posted elsewhere.


Amendment 8/16/15: When a writer chooses a piece of art, they are also choosing the artist as a partner.  Writers need to respect any limitations that the artists list and accept the model of partnership that the artists want.

Amendment 6/19/17: Rough drafts are no longer required; however, during check-in in November a brief description of the story, as well as a report on your progress to the Mod is appreciated. This is a check-in point where you will update the Mod on whether you are confident you can make the deadline, or whether you will need a pinch-hitter writer to take over the prompt.

Amendment 6/21/17: Writers working together in partnership is allowed, as long as the writing team only works on one story for one Art Prompt. One writer of the team signs-up for the challenge then notifies the Mod about the team, including contact details for their writing partner.

A certain level of communication with your artist is expected. If you do not meet your deadlines or fail to communicate with your artist, a pinch-hitter writer will be assigned to the prompt.

Amendment 6/19/17: Writers are allowed to also sign-up as artists, and vice versa.

Amendments 6/8/19: The past few years authors who didn’t finish their stories were allowed to post them as WIPs. This will no longer be the case. All stories must be completed by the story due date in January, which is usually a week before posting commences. It is not fair to our artists who work so hard to do original fine artwork for the challenge to not have completed stories.

Volunteer Betas:

Volunteers to be Fic and Art Betas may sign up here.

Volunteer Pinch-Hitter Writers:

Pinch-Hitters are volunteer writers who would write a story for a prompt if an assigned author would be unable to complete their project before the deadline. If you’d like to volunteer to be on the Pinch-Hitter list please sign up here.

Posting Period:

Posting period takes place during January, you may post any time during this period. You may post your work on Tumblr, AO3, Livejournal, Dreamwidth, etc, but please be sure to post a link on Tumblr and use the @00qreversebang to tag the Mod for re-blogging. If you do not have a Tumblr account, please email me and I will make a link post.

Please coordinate with your partner so that you both may post your art and fic at the same time. For fanfics, please make sure that your fic contains the artworks related to the fanfic.

All submissions will be compiled into a Collection on AO3 during the posting period.


Send in an ask on the 00Q RBB tumblr, or email if you ever need any help or have any questions.

Best, The Nut (aka Chestnut NOLA your friendly 00Q Reverse Big Bang Moderator)