Art: Black Tie Affair/ Story: In Deeds & Thoughts

Black Tie Affair
Art by Boffin1710

Art: Black Tie Affair by Boffin1710

Story: In Deeds & Thoughts by blackidyll

The name of the event seems innocuous enough, if a terrible mouthful – Black Tie Networking Cocktail Party for Finances and Technology.

“You’re familiar with the organizer, so you know what this networking event is likely a front for,” M says. “With your cybertechnology know-how, one of your civilian identities will do just fine to meet up with Val Tech.”

Q’s eyes dart to 004 and Bond on either side of M. “And the Double-Os, sir?”

“As you’ll be the in-field operative for the mission, 007 will accompany you as a handler,” M says.

“Really.” Q can’t help the way his tone drops in disbelief; from the way the corner of Bond’s mouth twitches upwards, it’s clear everyone hears it. “With all due respect, sir, 007 has a tendency to hijack missions even when he’s the operative in question.”


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