Art: Quilinus is a Terrible Name for a Villain/ Story: Metamorphosis of Janus

Quilinus is a Terrible Name for a Villain
Art by Springbok7

Art: Quilinus is a Terrible Name for a Villian by Springbok7

Story: Metamorphosis of Janus by Boffin1710, AsheTarosavich (natalieashe), and Dassandre

A part of James Bond was lost in Arkhangelsk, Russia when his lover and fellow Double-O, Alec Trevelyan, died there. His life since has been wholly focussed on the mission. Whatever mission was at hand. He became the perfect weapon to be wielded against enemies of the Crown.

Just as M had hoped.

Alec Trevelyan’s death at the chemical weapons facility was the end of one life and the beginning of another. He has found a new purpose as Janus. The head of a criminal organisation bent on world domination.

The threat is real. Or so M would have James Bond believe.

The theft of the Goldeneye device from Severnaya, Russia sends James into action against the elusive Janus, but things are not all as they appear to be. Not all as M would have them seem. Is the real threat Janus? Goldeneye?

Or is it the mysterious dark-haired boffin who works at Janus’ side?

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