Established in 2014, the challenge takes place yearly to encourage creativity, fun and friendship in the fandom of 00Q (James Bond and Q from the films Skyfall 2012 and SPECTRE 2015).

The challenge calls for Artist and Writer sign-ups in late summer. As a Reverse Big Bang, Artists create original art works (Art Prompts) for authors to claim. Once the artworks are claimed, writers create stories based on the artwork.

The artworks and stories are posted together for the enjoyment and promotion of the fandom.

The Challenge started out on tumblr and this platform continues to be used as the main 00Q Reverse Big Bang site.

It was brought home to the Mod last year that the challenge needed a way for participants and non-participants, who are not on the tumblr platform, to be notified for announcements and the eventual posting of the Art and Stories. The solution was to create a blogging website for the challenge. If you’d like to get email notifications from the challenge, take a gander at the bottom of the page and hit the Follow button to subscribe!

All of the previous challenge’s art and story links from 2014 to 2017 are available to view on the 00Q tumblr site, as well as in the 00Q RBB’s Collections on Archive Of Our Own (AO3).