00Q Reverse Big Bang: FAQ

1. Is it strictly limited to 00Q or could it involve a third?

Secondary pairings are allowed as long as 00Q is the main pairing. Threesomes are not allowed, as 00Q is the main feature of this challenge. If you mean featuring a main pairing that is not 00Q, then we would have to reject that prompt.

2. If the artist’s post the work anonymously, how does an author contact the artist of the work they claim? Will the author receive an email address?

Writers and artists will receive emails regarding who they will be working with after the claiming process. This is the time of The Big Reveal when the Mod notifies participants who their partner will be for the challenge.

3. Why can’t Artists have access to the Claiming Document during the live rounds?

The 00Q RBB is an anonymous challenge where writers don’t know who did the Art Prompts, so it goes that Artists won’t know who their writer is until The Big Reveal. Not knowing is all part of the fun.

4. If I do not find a artwork prompt which truly interests me, do I still have to participate?

As there are usually more writers than artists taking part, assuming that there are less artworks than writers, please just let the Mod know you will not be participating as soon as possible, either prior to claiming or directly after. You are encourage to take part if you can and have signed on to do so, since all of our participating Artists do wonderful work.

5. This is my first time participating, so it would be helpful to have a contact to ask questions from just in case.

You can contact, Chestnut NOLA (aka your friendly 00Q RBB Moderator) privately via email at 00qreversebang@gmail.com or open the ask box on the 00Q RBB tumblr page to post a question that would be beneficial for all participants to know the answer to.

6. For the reverse bang, will non writers, artists, etc be able to read/look at the final fics/artwork?

Yes!! Participants will to post their works on Tumblr, AO3, Livejournal, Dreamwidth, Personal Website, etc. in January and links to their works will be reblogged on the 00Q RBB’s tumblr and announced on the 00Q RBB’s wordpress blog. A Collection will be created on AO3 for the art and stories done during the challenge. You can check out the 00Q RBB Collections 2014-2017 at any time to enjoy.

7. Can I take part as both an artist and writer?

Yes! With the caveat that if you sign-up as both an Artist and a Writer 1) You get your 00Q Art Prompt done by the deadline and 2) You can not claim your own Art Prompt during claiming.

8. Why can’t an Artist do photo manipulations to make the Art Prompt?

The 00Q Reverse Big Bang has always been an Original Art Challenge. Artists can use any medium they wish to make original art, including drawing and painting software; however, it is unfair to the Artists doing original works to accept art that was manipulated from a photograph.

9. When you say “complete” do you mean it has to be a full illustration, or can a black/white picture suffice? Also does the prompt have to have both Q and Bond in it? And are we allowed to post the art on our website after the prompts are made public?

“Complete” as in it can be used as a standalone prompt to inspire the participating writers. Whether it has color or not does not matter, but it all comes down to the artist’s standards.

The prompt does not necessarily have to have both characters in it, but please ensure with your writer that the story is 00Q centric, and that your artwork does not indicate otherwise, or is ambiguous. You could draw designs of Q alone as a prince for example.

Artists are asked not to post their art prior to the posting of both the art and story in January. Artwork will not be made public during or after the claiming period until scheduled posting (and coordinating with your writer) in January. However, after posting, Artists can post the piece anywhere they’d like.

10. Would it be okay to draw a small comic? Is it okay to do something based on an AU?

For both questions, yes, most definitely!

11. What do you mean by “partnership model”?

There are three models of partnerships or collaborations Artists can choose, the Exploding Pen, the Walther PPK, and the Q-Branch Radio. Please read this post for more information.

12. What time is the Challenge operating on?

Universal Coordinated Time – UTC! Here’s a link to the converter.

13. Can writing duo’s participate?

Yes! Two writers working together on one Art Prompt is allowed, you just have to have one of you sign-up for the challenge and let the Mod know your partner’s contact information.