Artists will specify with their prompt, which partnership model they prefer and they can list more than one.

“You were expecting an exploding pen? We don’t really go in for that anymore.”

·      This is the Exploding Pen partnership and is the lone wolf scenario. The artist completes the art piece and the writer will complete the story with little input from the artist. There still needs to be some communication regarding posting, but overall you both work on your own.

“Every now and then, a trigger has to be pulled.”

·      This is the Walther PPK collaboration. There is more communication between artist and writer during the project period. The writer might exchange plot ideas, storyboards, or have the artist read the work as it’s being written. The artist might be inspired by the WIP (Work In Progress) to create additional art for the story.

“Latest thing from Q-Branch, it’s called a radio.”

·      This is the Q-Branch Radio partnership and it is an equal partnership, with writers and artists in cahoots during the project period. The writer and artist would communicate regularly to develop the resulting story or discuss the creation of additional art for the work. The writer would encourage artist input and ideas in regards to plotting, and the overall tone of the work. This would be the most difficult partnership for most writers to get behind. Writing is very personal, but an artist interested in this kind of partnership, should feel free to put that down with their art prompt. There may be a few writers in the bunch open to this type of cooperation.